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By admin | March 2, 2010

I was surfing to find articles that may help a new vegan. But learned few things myself.

Vegans don’t get enough protein.  Myth
Relaxed look at protein,Vitamins, Calcium. Has links for vegan stores,restaurants and book recommendations.

Humorous retort to questioners. Yes vegans can be straight men.

Environmental impact.
“The way that we breed animals for food is a threat to the planet.”

From a Great organization..Vegan Outreach.Technical aspect into foods, vitamins. Medical prospective. Kind of like a mom  worries about vitamins.
To get the full benefit of a vegan diet, vegans should do one of the following:…

Animal Rights and Vegan articles.
(Clever) Vegans, Space Aliens or Compassionate Earthlings.


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