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Rep. Dennis Kucinich would order U.S. to eat vegan brownies

By admin | December 24, 2009

December 18, 1:08 PM Cleveland Vegetarian Culture Examiner Daelyn Fortney

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) recently sat down with reddit.com to answer 10 questions from website visitors. The 28 minute interview included topics on gun control, health care, voter reform, and special interest groups.

Finally the congressman answered a question that we have all pondered of our political officials, “If you were made the absolute dictator of the U.S. for one day, what are some of the things you would do?” 

“I think I would order everyone to have vegan chocolate chip brownies.” Kucinich dramatically paused then continued.

“Now why would I do that? Well I have been a vegan now for…. well since 1995…. that would be more than 14 years. As a result I’ve had tremendous health. I have had great energy, clarity. I have had the ability to be able to connect my dietary choices with my health.

“I had Crohn’s growing up and had a pretty serious bout with it throughout my 30’s and 40’s. When I changed my diet the symptoms began to disappear. I started to understand also how the choice of diet affects the environment, resources, energy. It’s a spiritual choice as well.

“So if I had one day to make an imprint on the nation, I’d look at the choices that we make in respect to food. Also the matters of compassion towards living creatures who become food. We need to be more thoughtful as a nation about the choices that we make and the food we consume.

“Now I am not someone who believes that you can truly dictate to people what food they should eat but I thought it was a great opportunity to bring in the potential of diet for transforming individual health and for transforming the nation in some powerful and positive ways.”

At the end of November Kucinich and his wife, Elizabeth, were in Washington DC
promoting vegetarian school lunch options. The couple was joined by John Salley, vegetarian and retired NBA basketball star, and members of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

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