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Our Story ….. Strictly Vegan/ Allergen Info

By admin | February 14, 2009


Hi! I’ve been a Vegan for three years now, and a Vegetarian for most of my life. My brother Ron helped me transition to Vegan status. I stalled and put it off for years. “Cheese”, “How could I give up my Cheese?” Marilou Henner helped me with that one. I listened to her speaking on a radio show one night and I woke up Vegan the next morning. In the back of my mind I always knew I would one day be Vegan. It seemed a natural progression. However, it was a total shock when my little brother announced he was going Vegan. This was “MR. Pizza Huts’ meat lover’s pizza with extra sausage”. (I guess the Mad Cowboy got to him. It surely wasn’t me.) When I was very young I tried to force my “Laurels Kitchen beliefs” (That was my vegetarian bible) on my family. Let’s just say that it didn’t work. Funny, my Dad who never calls any one of us by name calls me Pork Chop to this day.  He used to introduce me as his daughter the Vegetarian. My brothers that “Vegan brother of yours”. Could be this teasing was his discomfort that his children chose a different path? Really Dad! It could have been a lot worse.             We learned a lot about Vegan eating as time passed. One minuet it was okay to eat something. Next I’d learn how it was processed and I couldn’t eat it. By strict I mean that besides using no animal products we use no bone char or carbon refined sugar, bleached flour, gelatin, honey.We stopped using artificial and synthetic dyes. Some are vegan but who really needs them.Our chocolates are very attractive without them.While on vacation, I was trying to find a Vegan restaurant to eat at in Seattle . I was amazed at the vast array of offerings (as opposed to where I live in Cleveland Ohio), but upon calling and asking about ingredients used we were able to narrow it down to about one 100% restaurant. Other vegans may eat those refined products. I just can’t. and I look and feel a lot better for it emotionally and psychically. I felt great upon becoming Vegan. My attitude and outlook improved dramatically. I immediately began to lose weight. That helped my attitude also.                                                                                       My brother confessed he really missed milk chocolate. I on the other hand was perfectly happy without that option. Our Mom, always trying to make her “starving” grown up children happy, came up with a recipe which she was able to perfect. Ron said “You should sell this.” Calling him hard to please does not begin to scratch the surface though he is very talented.  He can name off the ingredients used in a recipe from one taste. So he became the official taste tester. (My niece and nephew lined up for that job as well.)  Since Ron felt  that there was a real need and a market for a Vegan light chocolate, and since Mom put her skills to the test we were delighted with the outcome, we thought we would put our resources together to put his idea out to all of our Vegan and any lactose intolerant friends who might be having the same cravings that Ron “USED” to have. Having to choose from Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate can really be boring.  I can relate to getting tired of dark chocolate. I was actually acquiring a taste for it. (Although it seems to taste somewhat bitter no matter how you fill it).Besides needing a vocation I wanted a way to put my activism to good use. As a Vegan who rarely cooks. I am so pleased and grateful when someone makes something delicious for me. I’d like to return the favor to those who choose not to or can’t eat dairy. We all deserve something special now and then. So “here we are”. And because we don’t know any other way our confections are made to order with strictly Vegan ingredients in a Vegan kitchen and they taste delicious.       So, thanks to Mom , we have developed a great Vegan Candy that tastes so scrumptious you won’t believe that a cow was NOT involved in our process.  (NO Whey!)No need to explain that, this chocolate is lactose free, Vegan, non dairy. Because our candy confections are superb and everyone will love them. To you from,                                                                                                                            Stacie & Ethel (Mom),(and indirectly, Ron)                                                                       Let us know what you think.

Allergin Info: Our chocolates are Vegan . While the best manufacturing procedures are used to sanitize equipment between uses you need to know that the chocolate is manufactured at a facility that also produces items made with dairy and tree nut s.

h. 216-544-3057    veganlcnw@gmail.com

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