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References (They Liked Us-They REALLY Liked Us)!

By admin | January 1, 2010


Jan. 19,2010 Thanks for the generous sample box of No Whey! Chocolates. It’s the best sample of anything I’ve ever received. I like how you shipped it in a recycled box, and the packaging for the candy is beautiful. The chocolates are amazing. Your family has made an excellent product. I love the Dark Chocolate Ambrosia. It’s better than Godiva Chocolates I tried before I went vegan years ago. Hi Ethel and Stacie,              Dec.31,2009 The tray is wonderful! We are definitely enjoying it. Every piece is delicious. I’m even taking photos of the chocolate and sharing it on my facebook page. I will tell my friends. Thank you again for the vegan-treat joy! I am so happy with it. And we’re saving the big chocolate 2010 for midnight! Thank you! Kristen

The Daily Vegan Tue, Dec 8, 2009

5 vegans (or any people with tongues) out of 5 will enjoy this chocolate, and we give it Your Daily Vegan’s 5 Hell Yeahs!

ETSY Feedback

My favorite! Delicious chocolate =D
audible 12.30.2009 Deluxe Brownie Bar Deluxe Brownie Bar
audible 12.30.2009 Toffee Crackle Crunch Toffee Crackle Crunch
Yummy! =D
audible 12.30.2009 Extreme cookie dough Extreme cookie dough
Really yummy and attractively packaged!
eschiap 12.26.2009 Coco-Gone-Nutty Coco-Gone-Nutty
Wonderful candy enjoyed by all!
eschiap 12.26.2009 Cranberry Cashew, Bark Cranberry Cashew, Bark
Yummy and quick delivery!
DollishLollies 12.11.2009 Toffee Crackle Crunch Toffee Crackle Crunch
Yummy and Very quick delivery! thank you!
DollishLollies 12.11.2009 Crispy Crunch Crispy Crunch
Thank you!
natalou 12.10.2009 Raspberry Truffles Raspberry Truffles
I received my package 12/9- thanks! The packaging is lovely
natalou 12.10.2009 Lemon Creme Lemon Creme
These are heavenly! I’m very thankful for the excellent service and the tasty vegan treats =)
audible 12.05.2009 Cookies and Cream Truffles Cookies and Cream Truffles
My favorite! Yum!
tiffanyp13 11.25.2009 Peanut Butter Wedges Peanut Butter Wedges
Soooo delicious! You rock!
tiffanyp13 11.25.2009 Deluxe Brownie Bar Deluxe Brownie Bar
Awesome! I have never seen a vegan cookie dough treat before and this tastes fabulous!
tiffanyp13 11.25.2009 Extreme cookie dough Extreme cookie dough
Love it! I surprised my other vegan friend with these treats and she loved them too!
tiffanyp13 11.25.2009 Toffee Crackle Crunch Toffee Crackle Crunch
YUMMMMM “crunch” “crunch” “crunch” OKAY gotta go on a diet now this was super yummie VEGANS RULE!!
dkany 7.16.2009 Crispy Crunch Crispy Crunch
OH man this is super yummieeee cant stop myself from eating the whole thing
dkany 7.16.2009 Toffee Crackle Crunch Toffee Crackle Crunch
ohhhhhhhhh yummmmmmmmmmmmmm I want more :) )
dkany 7.16.2009 Vegan Light Chocolate No Whey's, ZEN Bars Vegan Light Chocolate No Whey’s, ZEN Bars
super yummieeeee Gotta LOVE Vegan candy Gotta lock this up from my husband or else he will eat it all :) )
dkany 7.16.2009 Coco Gone Nutty Coco Gone Nutty
This candy is delicious! I cut it into eight large pieces – but you could get more if you cut it smaller – and everyone loved it. They didn’t believe it when I told them it was made with NO dairy. You’ve GOT to try this smooth and creamy candy!!!
MZBeads 4.09.2009 Peanut Butter Pie Peanut Butter Pie
I LOVE this candy. It actually tastes better than any non-vegan candy I’ve EVER had!!! It’s smooth and delicious!
MZBeads 4.09.2009 Coco-Gone-Nutty Coco-Gone-Nutty

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