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The Fudge Wars

By admin | November 22, 2009

We have been selling our wares at different art fairs each week. This week we were placed accross from two ladies and their fudge. Their all American milky, buttery, and I suppose creamy & delicious fudge. I had the thought that we should leave then and there. Cause who doesn’t love fudge? I kept saying shes not really our competition cause we don’t sell fudge. But in Joe Six Packs eyes Fudge trumps anything Vegan. We had our share of eye rollers and people who pretended we weren’t there but It proved to be a nice day for us. We had several awesome vegan friends stop by ( just for us) and alot of people who really enjoyed our candy. The Fudge Ladies came over and tasted all our samples.” Mmm, Mmm, Mmm” they remarked after each bite” how good everything is”. Mom walked by their booth a little while later. She heard them say Catishly “we have the REAL Candy here” to their customer. This upset my mom but I understand the mindset too well. Or should I say the closed mindset. Meanwhile we had a continuious crowd at our stand. 1. Because the candy’s good. 2 .Because everyone who comes in becomes friends with Ethel. (Mom) So I noticed the fudge ladies scoping us out. Seems we had a competition going on. We would watch shoppers who snobbed us to see if thet bought the fudge. Fudge Lady came back over “seems like you all had a good day” she remarked in her nicest voice.( Probably to see who won) Like she couldn’t believe anything vegan would be good and as good their all American milky, buttery, and I suppose creamy & delicious fudge. And that people would actually choose to buy vegan candy.  I’m totally grateful for my food choices. Proudly Vegan, very healthy and glad to say I don’t miss fudge one bit. And if I do I know I can make a wonderful vegan one. When we were leaving the show Fudge Lady remarked. See you next time. Hmmm, I’ll keep my thoughts on that one to myself.

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