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My Thoughts JN, 29 2013

By admin | June 30, 2013

We are not all Hippies. Although some of us are proud to be. Some of us are in communes singing Kum ba yah, but most of us are involved in the daily grind. We have jobs, however in this economy some don’t. We are not all celery juice drinking, wheat germ eating people when some of us love that stuff. We are made up of passionate caring people but some are not. We don’t all pose naked for Peta and throw paint on fur wearers but then again… You know the rest. Some of us eat extremely healthy while…. As in the broader culture you cannot pin us down. Like I cannot judge how you choose to live. You may have guessed that I’m talking about vegans myself proudly included. When I first started making and selling vegan chocolates. I was told not to use the V word. That it scares people and is bad for sales. I noticed the big “Health Chains” using the word less and less. When I put up my sign at markets and festivals sales plummeted but there was always that one or two individuals who were so glad that I was there. I think it’s about time we set aside these preconceived notions and stereotypes and solve some of our problems.
To be vegan you do not consume any food made from animals, bugs, or their byproducts. I read labels and ask questions. Our business caters to vegans, vegan wannabees and those who choose not to put hydrogenated fats and artificial chemicals into their systems. We make vegan chocolate confections. People always ask what is in them. I tell them its chocolate, just not milk chocolate. We make a version of “milk-less” chocolate called Light Chocolate for those who miss that. We got our start when my vegan brother craved milk chocolate.
We make homemade caramel. I have non vegan customers who prefer our caramel. Cookie dough bites and chocolate covered brownies are very popular. In the summertime we are known for our chocolate covered bananas, and our fruit Pops made without chemicals and colorants. We have a facility with a small storefront. We chose to fill it with vegan convenience foods, cheeses soups, crackers and soy candles. We have an Ohio proud section with Ohio grown popcorn, beans and oats as well as handmade soaps made in Cleveland. There are many gluten free choices as well. So I hope your curiosity makes you stop in.
In conclusion I would like to be known as an individual who cares about my diet and health. Has compassion for all living creatures. And respect for the world we live in. Making a difference one bite at a time.

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