The key to having a good relationship with money and your finances is not to waste what we earn and not spend more than we have, that will give us the opportunity to save for our goals and face the difficult situations that arise. From James Caule we will list the 8 expenses that can make your finances decline:


Eat outside

Eat outside

Anyone who has to buy food during business hours will feel identified at this point. Nowadays it is almost a dream to be able to buy a nutritious lunch and a drink for less than $ 100 and if we have to multiply it for every day of the week and every day of the year .. we are going fortunes in meals! So it is good advice to organize the meal of the week at home and make food. In addition to saving enough money, you take care of your health and you can make the menu that you like the most!


Live alone

Live alone

Another of the expenses that consumes our salary the most is the rent of an apartment or house. In this case, we recommend that you see if it is possible to share the house with a couple, friends or siblings. Sharing the space can reduce the cost of both rental and services.




It is public knowledge that there will be increases in public transport and that gasoline is becoming more and more expensive. We know that traveling by public transport may not be the most comfortable option; However, taking it regularly or using a bicycle, if you have one, will reduce your transportation costs considerably. Maybe you can make journeys in different media, use the train and the bike .. you have to consider the different options to reduce the cost of having to move.


Credit card

Credit card

Not paying your credit cards on time will make you have to spend more money due for interest payments. It is always best to pay on time and the totality to avoid having to avoid paying for card financing .

On the other hand, you can always look for a card that brings us a double benefit, for example. If you travel a lot, you can find a card that accumulates air miles for each purchase.


Pay for things you don’t use

Make a review of all the services you pay and see if you really need them. Are you still paying a landline but do you spend it during the day using only the cell phone? Are you subscribed to premium channels that you don’t watch? Analyze what you really use and the rest avoid it.


Impulse purchases

credit problem

If you are of people who “fall in love” with a pair of shoes or a dress at first sight and want to take care of your money it is better than before you buy think or at least compare the prices. More than today with a click you can find the same products on the internet and sometimes even get promotions or discount coupons. The rule in this case is that you don’t buy the first thing you see, remember that you have to take care of your finances.


Avoidants expenses

Ants expenses are those consumptions that we make daily that we believe will not affect our economy because they are of low value. The issue is that when we add them, we realize that they can be a problem! Control your consumption by assembling a budget and evaluate if you are having more “ants expenses” than you thought


Be an inflexible traveler

flexible traveler

If you usually go on vacation frequently you can save a lot if you choose to be flexible, for example traveling before or after the high season, when prices are lower. Or search flights over a range of dates to find the lowest fare. Being flexible on our vacations and being able to take advantage of airline promotions are a combo that cannot fail!

We hope these tips help you with daily finances !