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Alvus Sailing launches Vegan Sailing holiday in Croatia – Vegconomist


May 21, 2021


Croatian company Sail Alvus launched a sailing vacation with a difference – all meals provided on board during the 7 day trip will be completely vegan.

The holidays were created by the partners Matea and Marina. Matea has just completed a major in sailing and worked as a skipper, while Marina is passionate about vegetable cuisine. The couple decided to combine their passions to create a vegan sailing vacation.

Since finding vegan options in Croatia can be difficult, the idea can be especially popular with overseas vegans. Marina, who prepares all meals on board herself, draws inspiration from a combination of Mediterranean and Asian cuisines. Both cuisines traditionally include a lot of plant-based foods.

Customers will receive three vegan meals per day, as well as snacks. They will also be invited to help forage for wild plants along the way, which will be incorporated into meals.

“The combination came about as a natural consequence of our passions,” said Matea. Total Croatia News. “As it is very nice to have someone cook for you on the boat, I thought this could be a very good offer for tourists in general.”

Sail Alvus
Matea, the skipper. © Alvus Sailing

Vegan holidays

A report released in March found that veganism is increasingly having an impact on the travel industry, with vegan-friendly travel being offered to attract trade as companies struggle to recover from the impact of the pandemic. Vegan vacations started to explode in 2019, with luxury travel particularly popular.

“As travel agencies strive to personalize each individual’s experience, veganism must be an area to recognize and act on, not ignore in the tourism industry,” says Johanna Bonhill-Smith, Travel Analyst and tourism.