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Are the Edmonton Oilers now Team Canada?

After Montreal’s unexpected run to the 2021 Stanley Cup Finals led to calls for the Habs to be considered Team Canada, do the Edmonton Oilers deserve the same moniker as the only team left in the north of the border in the 2022 playoffs?

Video transcript

JULIAN MCKENZIE: We were talking about the Canadiens being Team Canada. Have you heard someone say that the Edmonton Oilers should be Canada’s team in the playoffs…

SAM Chang: Yes.


SAM Chang: I did it.

OMAR: I can’t– I can’t–

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Oh good? Oh good?

SAM Chang: Yeah. Yeah.

OMAR: Boo.

SAM Chang: Yeah.

OMAR: Man.

SAM Chang: One of the sports guys from Vancouver, I can’t even remember who because I literally saw the tweet and I was like, ha ha, un–tweeted, like, after the game Edmonton is the team of the Canada now.


JULIAN MCKENZIE: OK, I want to go through your tweets and find this tweet because we need to find out who the sports personalities in Vancouver are…

SAM Chang: All right, I’ll find it for you.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: OK, do this because we need names on the show. We need to know who is trying to make it look like the Edmonton Oilers are Canada’s team. It’s not a thing. We don’t need to do that anymore because, I don’t know. And you know what? We don’t look– we don’t even look at it that way because it’s Connor McDavid.

OMAR: Yes, in the second round, I was encouraging McDavid.



OMAR: I was cheering on McDavid. No. Hopeless [INAUDIBLE]


JUSTIN CUTHBERT: I am with you, Irf. Team Canada, I’m with you.

OMAR: Nope!

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: I cheer for the Oilers.

You have already chosen the Avs.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: I did it. But I have the Oilers up there, I can’t lose.

OMAR: I did, but.

SAM Chang: I actually [INAUDIBLE].

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Once again, I defend Irf.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: OK, yeah, like– OK, well, we’re not going to smack Irfaan here. We’re just going to respectfully disagree.