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Cadbury makes a big change to the retro candy bar and fans are NOT happy

CADBURY has made a major change to one of its most popular retro chocolate bars – and fans aren’t happy.

The humble Cadbury Wispa chocolate bar has gotten a facelift with the launch of a new Wispa Gold Salted Caramel version.


Salted Caramel Wispa bar1 credit

Shoppers spotted the treat on sale for 70p at Tesco and posted the find on the Facebook group Extreme coupons and great deals in the UK.

Wispa bars were first launched in 1981 – the airy milk chocolate bar has become a staple in the Cadbury range.

Fans were angry when it was discontinued in 2003 and it was temporarily brought back in 2007.

Cadbury bowed to popular demand and brought back Wispa bars permanently in 2008.

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Although there was widespread disappointment when the bar size was reduced earlier this year.

A study by The Sun found that Cadbury reduced the size of a Wispa bar by 7% while keeping the price the same.

The Wispa Gold is a more recent invention, adding a layer of caramel to the traditional version. It was launched in 1995, discontinued in 2003 and brought back in 2011.

But now the Wispa Gold has had a fashionable twist – shoppers spotted salted caramel versions on sale in supermarkets, and some weren’t happy.

And one of the main issues seems to be the addition of salt.

One shopper said: ‘Can anyone taste the difference between caramel and salted caramel?

Another person said, “Am I the only one who hates salted caramel!”

A third person added, “I’m a little too salty with caramel,” while another agreed, “Can’t we just enjoy caramel without it being completely salty.”

And another person said, “They’re destroying all the chocolate!”

Of course, not everyone was disappointed with the new flavor.

One fan said, “This is a must have, I absolutely have to try this.”

Another added: “I need this in my life.”

Others want to see a return of the Wispa Mint chocolate bar, which was discontinued in 2003.

The 48 gram bar was spotted at Tesco for 70 pence, and others said they had seen a ‘two for £1.25’ offer at Farm Foods, and the bars had also been spotted for 59 pence at Heron Foods.

The Sun asked Cadbury if the bar is a permanent or temporary addition to the Wispa range.

Wispa’s redesign isn’t the only thing retro chocolate fans have been talking about in recent weeks.

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