Editorial: Davao, beyond the durian
Chocolate pricing

Editorial: Davao, beyond the durian

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When you think about the Davao region in terms of food, it’s generally recognized by its durian. But, in the past it has also gained recognition for its bananas and pomelo.

In the last few years we’ve seen 2 other crops becoming more closely related to the Davao region including coffee and cocoa. Recently, the Davao region’s cocoa and coffee industry received an enormous boost following 2 major milestones in the this week.

On the 26th of May Five coffee growers of the Bacofa in Bansalan, Davao del Sur, Region XI are among the 6 winners of the Arabica category of the PCQC 2021. This year’s Marites Arellano batch was awarded the first prize and his beans also won the prize for the best naturally processed Arabica.

Lendilou Lon–Top 2, Jastine Mae Dubria–Top 3, Marifel dela Cerna–Top 4 and the Best Honey Processing Arabica as well as Maria Luz Dubria are also among the top 6. The top 6 scored over the 83-point mark. In the event that coffeebeans score more than 80 points, they’re classified as specialty coffees.

The Singaporean-based PCQC Chief Justice Shaun Ong praised the Davao region’s coffee beans. He claimed that the three coffees that he recommended were among the top Arabica beans he’s had of the Philippines.

According to a news release The Agriculture Ministry said winners were able to negotiate an increase in price of coffees and experience some increase in demand.

At the same time, President Duterte signed Republic Law (RA) 115471 on May 27, declare that Davao City to be the capital city of chocolate in the PH and the whole Davao region to be the capital city of cocoa of the PH.

It was presented in the form of Senate Bill 1741, RA 115471 was drafted by senator Villar, Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, and co-authored by Senators  Go and Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, both from the Davao region. The law was ratified by the Senate on 8th of March.

Chocolates made in Davao, the city of Davao as well as the cocoa produced by in the Davao region have left their impression on the world stage. Malagos Chocolates has won twenty-eight international awards, including awarded by the Academy of Chocolate, for its popular chocolate products. In the Cocoa Excellence Program in 2017 the cocoa that was manufactured through MAV was included as one of the top 50 cocoa beans from around the globe. Many cocoa processing companies within the nation get their cocoa-based materials from producers in Davao.

Cidami chairperson Val Turtur told to the SunStar Davao that the law signed will increase the visibility of cocoa and chocolates produced in the Davao region and the process will increase the morale of cocoa farmers.

Although it improves the positioning in the market, as well as the prices and marketing of Davao’s coffee and cacao. It is also a crucial reminder to the local processors and farmers to make sure they are getting the best quality products.

These awards will place our cocoa and coffee under scrutiny. Customers will be expecting anything that comes in Davao to have the good quality. So, it is crucial that the private and public sector actors within the Davao region cooperate in order to produce top quality cocoa, coffee, and other products in the region.