EQFax Review – Credit Monitoring and Identity Protection of a Name You Can Trust

I have looked closely at the EQFax website, which is dedicated to products related to monitoring your creditworthiness and protecting your identity. The site has some built-in credibility because it is one of the three major credit rating companies, along with TransUnion and Experian. In my opinion, this means a lot because the number of websites and companies in this area are numerous, and some are much more reliable than others.

What they offer

What they offer

The site offers four basic products to consumers, all with different functions and benefits. First, they have ID Patrol, a comprehensive product for identity protection. This costs $ 14.95 per month. They then have 3-in-1 Monitoring, where you can track your score from all three reporting agencies for $ 14.95 a month. They also offer Debt Wise, a program that claims to allow you to pay off debts faster. This costs $ 14.95 per month, but they currently have a special offer for this product where you only pay $ 4.95 for the first month. Finally, there is Score Watch, where you can check your credit score and credit report (EQFax only).

They also offer the possibility to make one-off purchases of various reports. These reports are more expensive, ranging from $ 9, 95 to $ 39, 95, but it is a one-off fee instead of a monthly subscription service.

The site itself

Regarding a breakdown of the site itself, there are some other sections that are worth mentioning. They have a Business tab that offers many solutions for consumer information. They offer products, including demographic information about consumers, information about companies and / or potential suppliers, payroll administration and also sector-specific products and services.

There is also a small business tab that I also found interesting. There you can buy a credit report for an American company in their database for $ 49, 95. You can also follow the credit of any company in their database, which has more than 24 million records, for $ 19, 95 per month. They also have a discount for ordering multiple reports.

At the bottom of their homepage, they offer a variety of other services. There is a link that you can use to correct errors in your credit report or to dispute something about your credit report. There are also links where you can request a fraud warning or a security stop for your credit file. And finally they have the standard FAQ section and also a personal financial blog. There you can learn more about creditworthiness, taxes, insurance, retirement and real estate.

My Take

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I thought the EQFax site was a good, solid website. It has the added credibility to be one of the three most important credit rating agencies. However, I thought the site was a little more sales-based than I wanted. Your credit report is available for free once a year from any of the three major credit rating agencies, but you would never know that if you visit this site.

EQFax can be very useful for fraud warnings and freeze protection. In some cases, your credit may be frozen and thawed for free; it depends on the state in which you live. Their sections on companies, both large and small, can be very useful. The demographic information of the consumer they provide and the credit reports of each company in their database can be a big advantage for every new company.

Their personal financial blog was not that great. Maybe it is because I have read so much about the subject or recently visited sites with better blogs, but I found the information offered there to be limited.

Enter lightly

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I am always very suspicious of all types of “paid” product when it comes to your credit or debt management. The same applies here. As mentioned earlier, you can get your credit report once a year for free at any of the three major agencies. If you are in a schedule, you can check your credit report for free once every four months. If you know how to read a credit report and what to do if you discover an error, I would say that this is the way to go. If there are any errors that you want to resolve in your report, you must also know how to resolve errors in your credit report for free

However, if I wasn’t sure how to read or follow my credit report, I could recommend EQFax. I say this because of their built-in reputation. There are so many companies and websites that offer the same services and protection as EQFax, but seem to be much more of the fly-by-night variant. Or the products they offer may not protect you at all. EQFax also offers places to go for disputes and freezes, and so on, right there on their site.

What everyone else says


Whenever I view a product or a website, I always try to spend time finding what other people are saying. And I did this with EQFax. I should classify these reviews as mixed. Some had the same things to say that I did. They are a more reliable site, with more places when and if you find something wrong with your report. Others were not so nice. I read complaints about poor customer service, people who have problems canceling their subscriptions, people who say that EQFax has ruined their credit.

These negatives were not so common to distract me from the site. If you are unsure how to read your credit report or what to do if you discover an error, EQFax may have a product for you. Even if you start in a small company, or need information about your competition or your suppliers, EQFax may also have a product for you.