Is Housing Insurance Mandatory In Real Estate Financing!?

Housing insurance is a form of security adopted by banks and credit lenders, which can generate benefits for the parties involved provided they are explained and applied correctly. Through payment of the installments of the financing, the contractor or his / her family can be protected in the event of a problem or even death.

Housing insurance when to use – is it mandatory?

 Housing insurance when to use - is it mandatory?

This modality of insurance can cover damages in the property, problems caused by natural accidents, that is, earthquakes, floods, fires, landslides among others; or even in case of invalidity or death of the contractor.

For the funder, coverage of the financing installments is available in a way that does not damage it. However, it is necessary to always be aware of offers of housing insurance or any other type of insurance due to illegal practices.

The first thing you need to know is that insurance of any kind should not be sold as mandatory but rather as an option in safety. Stay tuned for sales that ensure your requirement.

Thinking about this important information for the good performance of the negotiation, we prepared this post so that you can actually hire the service you need without getting carried away by sales rhetoric.

Ask for information about insurance offered

Ask for information about insurance offered

The first step is to get information about the service being offered to you. What are the advantages, that is, what it covers in case of fatality or problems that may arise in your property.

Also ask about the values ​​and forms of payment and always be aware of the fine print of the contract. Many companies can take advantage of the carelessness of their customers – not carefully read all the clauses of the contract – and substantially harm them.

Do searches on banks and

Do searches on banks and

In addition to the information obtained from the service provider itself, it is important that you seek them elsewhere. Every salesperson has an interest in getting customers, and even if they give you true information, you can benefit from other prospects, whether from other media or even from those who have already used or used the service.

Analyze the value of long-term housing insurance

 Analyze the value of long-term housing insurance

Insurance can be very important and beneficial, however, it is good to think about the amounts charged in the long run. In general, the rates added to the financing installments are small, but in those that extend for years it may be that in the end the amount paid is significant.

Read the financing agreement

Contracts are usually long, full of technical terms and presented at times when the client does not have time to read, let alone analyze what is written there. Still, it is important to read the clauses that refer to the rights and duties of the contractor and contractor, respectively, so that you can be aware of the duties of the service offered.

Housing insurance can be a good source of benefits and still provide peace of mind, but it is good to always be in possession of the complete information when hiring new services. Analyzing the proposal, collecting information, and making a decision on that basis can be a little painful, but it can also pay off, especially if you are sure you have made the right decision.

What do you think about learning more about housing insurance? To know more important information and to know all our products, do not hesitate to contact us.