Chocolate Industry

Mars Wrigley’s $ 30 million investment in Ballarat

Mars Wrigley will spend $ 30 million to expand its chocolate manufacturing business in Ballarat. The investment will allow more variations on existing lines for M & M’s, Pods and the new Mars Raspberry Smash, as well as a new packaging line for Maltesers.


  • The Ballarat factory in Mars Wrigley produces Maltesers, Milky Way, M & M’s, Mars and Pods;
  • M & M’s have been manufactured at the Ballarat factory since 1986;
  • Pods were invented in Ballarat in 2004, and it is the only factory in the world to produce them. About 1 billion Pod parts are manufactured each year, or about 15 billion Pods since 2004;
  • by 2020, the Ballarat plant could produce more than five billion M & M’S per year – a distance equivalent to traveling 3.5 times Australia (56,000 kilometers); and
  • products produced in the Ballarat factory are exported to more than 17 countries.

Mars Wrigley Australia CEO Andrew Leakey said the goal is for more of its products to be made in Australia.

“The $ 30 million investment supports our ambition by improving our technologies and manufacturing capabilities on land to ensure that our Australian business remains globally competitive.

“As one of Australia’s largest manufacturers, we recognize that we have an important role to play in helping to sustain not only our business, but the food and beverage manufacturing industry as well,” said Leakey.

The $ 30 million builds on the $ 37 million investment in equipment upgrade announced in 2020, which included new technology to locally produce M & M’s pretzel.

The investment will also introduce a new packaging line for Maltesers to enable increased production volume and unlock increased export opportunities to growth markets across Asia during peak season demand.

Leakey said that alongside technological advancements, the company is committed to improving skills.