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Nordic Ware Fall Bread Pan will make any million dollar cake look like

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I’m sorry to admit that I shamelessly judge books, Netflix shows, dentist’s offices and, you guessed it, CAKES by their cover. I can’t be bothered to eat a dessert that doesn’t visually demand my attention. I am looking at you, humble cakes. Unless you’re a sweet potato brick filled with meringue balls or banana bread topped with caramelized banana slices, I’m not giving you the time of day.

But then my best friend’s parents gave me this Nordic Ware Harvest Bounty Bread Pan and adorably asked me to bake something beautiful in it. I couldn’t deny that the pan itself was a marvel – its silhouette was embossed with a whimsical array of plump pumpkins and small dainty acorns so delicate that I began to sympathize with the squirrels. But would the festive features of the pan be enough to elevate a bread cake into something wow-worthy?

I made a basic chocolate cake batter and poured it into my lightly oiled loaf pan. And like a Disney movie makeover montage, the Harvest Bounty baking pan turned my boneless chocolate cake into a jaw-dropping fall vision. The edible flowers I had waiting for? Not necessary. Huge scream at Nordic Ware’s non-stick PFOA (no bad guy) coating – not a nook or crumb of the cake stuck to the many nooks and crannies of the pan. Without it, we would have a much simpler and less cute cake.

A beautiful bread cake later, I wish I could say that I learned my lesson on how to judge a cake by its cover. But really all I’ve learned is that banana breads deserve a second chance in my brand new Harvest Bounty loaf pan.