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Saturday Morning Extra: Climate-Smart Pour Moi Skincare – YOU will be a hero giving gifts

CHICAGO (WLS) – Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to hear some great news, which might change your perception of yummy, decadent, yummy treats while on vacation! Skin care guru Ulli Haslacher just put the icing on the cake, revealing that overeating and indulging yourself on the holidays is NOT negative for your skin tone. His scientific research team found no significant data supporting the theory that chocolate is bad for the skin.

Please keep in mind that it is only about skin and not about general health or wellness. She believes what’s bad for your skin is believing in false promises and not using anti-aging skin care products that work with your local climate … because that’s how the skin works. and that’s how you get amazing results. She calls it Climate-Smart For Me Skin Care and it’s specially formulated for our local climate in Chicago OR anywhere else you travel or give as a gift. It’s so innovative that it holds several patents. It’s made in France and it’s sleek beauty. This holiday season any Pour Moi product is the perfect gift because it’s so universal that you don’t need to know someone’s skin type, gender, or ethnicity. All you need to know is where they live. Think of it as skin care for your zip code. Black Friday came early as Ulli came up with two spectacular deals including a brand new, brand new Moisture-Burst Mask that gives you 3 full days of hydration.

TV Special Offer # 1: Polar WOW 5-Piece Gift Box
Product: Metallic Puffer Bag + Clarifying varnish + Full-size polar day cream + Half-size tempered day cream + Moisture-Burst Mask
Special Price: $ 69
Retail Value: $ 169
And if you buy the amazing WOW kit, it allows you to take advantage of these crazy and obvious prices for our stocking stuffers.

TV special offer n ° 2: Christmas stocking day creams
Product: Full size or half size
Special price: $ 15 (30 ml) or $ 10 (15 ml)
Retail Value: $ 35 (30ml) or $ 25 (15ml)

The offers are amazing. BUT nothing is a good deal if it doesn’t work. And Climate-Smart For Me MORE than it works. YOU will be a hero offering gifts.

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