Scituate Liquor Store Receives Another Extension | New

SCITUATE – The General Country Liquor Store in Hope has received another extension to its Class A license renewal, giving its owner more time to provide building plans to the city.

Councilor Theresa Yeaw said the city had received all available documents for the project ahead of a meeting on Thursday March 11 and had “building permits for a shell”. She said it was “far away” from a certificate of occupancy.

Still, Yeaw said the store owner, former city councilor Nicholas Izzi, was making an effort to reopen the store. She did not impose a time limit on this last extension.

“I believe this has been going on for a while and I just want to allow him to have the opportunity to bring the building back,” she said.

Councilor Gary Grande said the city has received a letter from Izzi’s financial lender who has taken the blame for the delays in the project at 10 Hope Furnace Road. Grande explained that although Izzi is trying to move forward, the lender says they cannot and is unable to provide a time frame for when the funding could be ready.

Izzi, a former member of the former “Independent Men” group which held a majority on the board from 2016 to 2018, owns the General Country Store. An electrical fire caused damage and shut down the store in 2016.

In December, the council extended its public hearing on the renewal of the Class A license until this month, asking it to provide a license to rebuild the badly damaged store. Otherwise, council members said, they might consider revoking the license.

At the December meeting, Charles Collins, then a council member, suggested that the city consider revoking Izzi’s license because it had taken too long to develop plans. The council previously renewed the license in 2019 on condition that Izzi obtains permits by 2020.

Since then, he has worked to advance plans to rebuild and reopen the store, and said COVID-19 has created further delays.

In other liquor news, Scituate Beverage at 30 Hartford Pike transfers ownership to Sunilkumar Patel.