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Sonam Kapoor and his family enjoyed an amazing meal at the London restaurant (see photos)

Sonam Kapoor is currently spending quality time with his family, including his father Anil Kapoor, in London. The actress also regularly makes sure her Instafam stays up to date with their foodie adventures. From his posts, it’s obvious that nothing beats the joy of bonding with food as a family. Recently, Sonam shared a dining experience with his parents. She shared photos and videos of herself with her father at a lunch hosted by a friend. The actress and her family enjoyed a mix of different traditional Indian cuisines at a restaurant in London.

In the caption, Sonam wrote: “What an amazing meal @darjeelingldn with @asmakhanlondon, it was such a lavish experience. It was such a beautiful mix of Calcutta and Rajasthan, street food and traditional home cooking. Thank you @imranamed for organizing this for my parents. I love you. “

In the video, we got to catch a glimpse of restaurant founder and chef Asma Khan, who spoke about her all-female cuisine.

Here is Sonam’s post:

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A few days ago, Sonam Kapoor shared another similar experience where Anil Kapoor was seen gorging on a delicious vegan feast in London. The actor is currently on vacation in London with his daughter and is also trying a variety of lip-smacking dishes. He was seen enjoying a vegan gluten-free meal. Sonam shared some videos on Instagram Stories of Anil Kapoor and her husband Anand Ahuja which were hosted by Chef Bettina Bordi. They had leek and tahini dip, mayonnaise donuts, Brussels sprouts, mashed sweet potatoes, salad and chickpea pancakes. Learn more about Sonam Kapoor and Anil Kapoor’s culinary adventures in London here.

Sometimes Sonam Kapoor also enjoys cooking. On Diwali, she was seen preparing traditional ladoos. Sonam made besan ke laddoo loaded with ghee. On Instagram, she shared the process of making the treat. We saw Sonam frying nuts, sautéing besan with ghee and finally shaping it into delicious balls. Watch the video of Sonam making the besan ke laddoo here.

Sonam Kapoor is a true foodie and never misses an opportunity to try lip-smacking food. Whether it’s summarizing his experiences in restaurants or enjoying delicious meals at home, we just hope that Sonam will continue to share his culinary adventures with us over and over again.