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Zero Egg launches the “world’s first alternative” to ready-to-eat frozen eggs – vegconomist

US food tech startup Zero Egg is set to launch what it claims is the first-ever plant-based, ready-to-eat frozen egg alternative.

“Scoopable Scramble is a must-have for industrial food manufacturers and foodservice operators around the world.”

The plant-based egg, called Scoopable Scramble, will be available to the restaurant and manufacturing industries. Made from a proprietary blend of plant-based proteins, it’s said to have the same taste and texture as conventional chicken eggs. It’s also described as Chef’s Ready with 100% yield (meaning no food waste).

“A game changer in the egg category”

Zero Egg first launched in 2020, claiming to be “the first plant-based egg substitute that tastes, looks and functions like a regular egg”. Just a month later, the company secured $5 million in a funding round.

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Since then, Zero Egg has continued to grow with launches at various food outlets. Last year, the company told vegconomist that its products are “game changers in the egg category.”

Many customers have reportedly experienced huge success after adding Zero Egg to their menus – like New York’s The Gray Dog, including Zero Egg Breakfast The burrito is the chain’s third most popular breakfast item across its five locations.

“Our new frozen-ready Scoopable Scramble is a must-have for industrial food manufacturers and foodservice operators everywhere. Whether you’re looking to make an easy plant-based scramble, a vegan burrito for the breakfast or a bowl of frozen breakfast, Zero Egg Scoopable Scramble is the perfect solution,” said Scott Lamphere, Chef, Zero Egg Corporate.

Scoopable Scramble will be available across the United States through distributor DOT Foods.